This adventure has enabled us to stay close to what we feel is of the essence in a bottle of wine: farming. Knowing our soil, the climate as well as conditions under which our grapes are grown is key to our craftsmanship philosophy. Waking up early, getting our hands and boots muddy, caring for the land and help our vines strive is what we are passionate about.

At Maison Areion, we believe turning grapes into wine has a real meaning. That’s why we use artisanal methods and respect traditional savoir-faire. We implement sustainable and organic farming practices, soil and canopy management, not using any herbicides or insecticides. Our focus is on harvesting fruit that reaches an optimal ripeness and shows a great balance while listening and responding to the vineyards' needs. Wine will then naturally ferment and age in oak barrels to blend into a unique personality.

From cultivating to bottling, craftsmanship reveals the passion and dedication to creating our products.