“It all started at home, Chateau Monbrison, as a child… I was following my grandmother carrying the set of keys, unlock the caveau and choose a nice bottle for last minute guests. I was running around & playing with my cousin, interrupting my folks while tasting with customers in the cellar, riding the tractor with my dad… During harvest, actively assisting after school with my sisters and picking clusters that, sometimes, seemed bigger than me, sorting the berries and sampling must, running in the vat room, cleaning, moving hoses, getting all necessary tools for workers, helping as I could… The more I grew up the more I felt part of this universe, part of nature, loving the vines, the process of grapes becoming wine… I was fond of the multiple smells and the atmosphere!  I knew very early that I would become a Vigneron (French for winegrower and vintner). All of these tasks and more are now reminiscent to my daily lifestyle.”

As I was learning wine production, I was delighted to assess the influence men and women had over vineyards and wines. As years went by and my experience and understanding of the process grew, soon I realized that the Vigneron’s journey was not to control Nature but exalt and sublimate it. 

Maison AREION now enables me to express my beliefs.

This poem couldn’t stand closer to Maison Areion’s quest for Authenticity, Respect of Terroir and Passion.”